Alcanes Day Beds COMFORT

Alcanes Day Bed 040 Comfort
Alcanes Day Beds COMFORT
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With one year warranty
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Alcanes Day Beds Comfort is the best day bed for you if you enjoy taking regular sunbath, and spending your leisure time outdoors. The design of this day bed is a class apart. This day bed is specially made for individuals like you who like to laze out in sun in warm afternoons winter months or enjoy cool breeze during late evenings in summer.

Alcanes Day Beds Comfort is environment friendly, and can withstand tough weather conditions. You can place it anywhere, be it in one corner of your home, terrace, garden, lobby or by the pool side. It will endure test of time and would keep giving you good service for years to come. The cushions placed on this day bed are plush and of top grade to offer you desired comfort and elegance.