Alcanes Day Beds MONA LISA

Alcanes Day Bed 030 Mona Lisa
Alcanes Day Beds MONA LISA
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With one year warranty
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An exotic day bed that would steal maximum attention is an Alcanes Day Beds Monalisa. It would be one of the most treasured furniture pieces that you would add to your home. It brings a distinct style to any living area where it is placed. Place it along the pool side if you want to get a beach side experience at your home.

Alcanes Day Beds Monalisa is quite distinct from other day beds as it has an adjustable hood on the top. You can place the hood when it is too hot to protect your skin from getting tan. It allows you two spend some quality leisure time with your loved ones. When you are backing home, you can unwind with your loved ones in this unique day bed.

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