Ace Diners Feast

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Ace Diners Feast
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Alcanes derives inspiration from classic European style of furniture making. While creating exquisite design the brand makes sure that the furniture set is sturdy and lasts long. The brand has consciously eliminated sharp corners replacing it with smoothly molded design. Alcanes uses premium quality raw materials sourced internationally. It uses Rehau from Germany for wicker material. Rehau is known to deliver lasting quality and it retains its shine and prolonged uses. The furniture set offered by Alcanes comes with UV resistant coating to make it a perfect outdoor furniture. Alkanes offers a wide range of options for buyers interested in best quality outdoor furniture for their homes and outdoor uses. Maintenance of this furniture set is easy and effortless.  

Ace Diners Feast is a collection of six chairs and one Central table. All its chairs showcase beautifully molded arms which in hands the beauty quotient of the room. Slightly tilted backrest and raised base of the chair offer excellent comforting seating. The beauty core quotient extends to this design of Central table as well. The long side of the table is showcase perfect styling reflected by two lakes connected in mash veteran. The Central table comes with transparent glass top which enhances its overall look and also protects the table from spillage. The entire furniture set is sturdy and yet we lightweight. The chairs’ set comes with soft and good-quality cushioning. The white and are the brown colored cushion contrasts well with the black colour of the wicker and furniture.