Classic Cube

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Classic Cube
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Alcanes brings to you classic range of European furniture, considering even the tiniest of details properly. The brand sources best raw material internationally from countries like Germany and Indonesia to ensure that its Indian customers have access to unparalleled quality. The brand employs some of the best craftsmen who spend over a month working meticulously to complete a single set of furniture. Its wicker material, Rehau is sourced from Germany. Alcanes produces some of the best furniture designs for customers looking for outdoor furniture online. All products sold by Alcanes comes with service warranty and assurance of the best quality.

Classic Cube is a set of four brilliantly designed chairs and one central table. The table is designed with an appealing square storage in the center which can be used to hold champagnes and beverages. It can be concealed with a white square board when not in use. This furniture set is perfect for restaurants and retreats and even for outdoor usage where space is a constraint. Its space saving design is useful. All the chairs can be tucked in little on all four directions, optimizing space. The brand uses finest quality wicker material to retain shine even after long usage and comes with UV resistant coating to protect it from harsh sun rays. Earthy colored furniture set showcases earthy brown and white colored cushions to match up with the set.