Diners Clairvoyance

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Diners Clairvoyance
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Alcanes has perfected the art of craftsmanship and it reflects in its exquisite range of furniture. The brand uses best quality raw materials like imported Rehau from Germany. Its wicker can last one’s lifetime. Another salient feature of the furniture designed by Alcanes is its lasting sheen. It always appears new even after a prolonged use. Maintaining and cleaning furniture made of wicker is easy and effortless. It does wonder to the overall ambience.

This furniture set is part of Diners Clairvoyance collection. It comes with an assortment of eight chairs and one central dining table. The likes of these chairs and central table is perfectly wrapped. This set of furniture can withstand extreme climatic condition in India. Made from finest quality raw material of Rehau from Germany, this can be a product which retains its shine even after long term uses. It requires a minimum maintenance and cleaning it is easy. Simply vibrate with the moist clothes and it will start start emitting the glorious shine. Available in dark grey colour, this luxurious set of dining furniture by Alcanes is the testimony of your distinctive personality.