Earthy Connexion

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Earthy Connexion
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Use of Rehau improted from Germany and Viro from Indonesia show the focus of Alcanes on quality products. All the furniture designed by Alcanes can withstand extreme climatic conditions in India. The brand invests in superior quality raw material, sourcing wicker from countries like Germany and Indonesia. Rehau which is used as wicker ensures longevity to furniture. It can withstand extreme climatic conditions in India. Another feature of these furniture sets is that maintaining and cleaning them is very easy.

Earthy Connexion amalgamates classic design and natural connect true produce appealing furniture design. In its dining furniture set for further a family the brand offers for set of chairs with Squire shaped central table. The support and base of the chair easy woven using finest wicker material in mesh design. Flat surface of these chairs offer ultimate comfort of seating. Parallel arms offer not just support but also strengthen the structure of the chair. This set of furniture uses would and wicker to personify the blend of European design with Indian aesthetics. This set of furniture comes with four soft cushioning for the chair. Tabletop glass is an additional accessory that comes with this set.