Fine Dine

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Fine Dine
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Alcanes nicely blends the art and science in furniture making. Its latest range of dining furniture is reflective of Alcanes’ focus on international quality and substance for Indian customers. The brand uses best quality raw materials sourced internationally from countries like Germany and Germany to ensure that its Indian customers can have access to best pieces of furniture. Right from best quality wicker material, Rehau from Germany to stainless steel, and fine aluminum the brand uses materials that last long. Alkanes also focuses on producing maintenance free and light furniture.

Fine Dine collection is a set of one central dining table and six chairs, all made of wicker sourced from Germany. Alkanes offers excellent opportunity for people looking for best quality dining furniture online. The cheers and central dining table available in this model of Fine Dine is not just sturdy it is also very lightweight. It has been designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions in India. It has been designed to fit in all weathers of India, from cold climate of North India to moist reason of South, from arid lands of West to wet region of the East. With Alcanes Fine Dine you bring home elegance with quality in furniture.