Europia Home Theater Seating

Europia Home Theater Seating
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With one year warranty
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Bring a bespoke theatre feel to your home with Europia from Alcanes. A first- of-its-kind for a complete theatre experience, you would definitely like to add it to your home entertainment space. Europia’s truly modular design blends the plush of luxury, comfort and great functionality. It has an ultimate look with great form and function. Along with an appealing design, Europia has an enough seating space for 4 persons. The reclining feature is just amazing allowing the user to sink into ample comfort and luxury. The fabric used to drape this seating arrangement has an vibrant color and feel to create an electrifying ambience. Europia guarantees unparallel seating comfort, modern and sleek look to add vibrancy in your living area.