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Luxe Living
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Alcanes the best in offering from European style in its range of contemporary furniture for outdoor living requirement of users. These sets of furniture do wonder to overall ambience and retain its shine for longer duration. Wicker is great in quality and looks absolutely fantastic. The brand uses imported raw materials like Rehau from Germany to give its customers a truly international product. Maintaining and cleaning these sets of furniture is very easy and effortless. It is a scratch resistant wicker material and it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Alcanes furniture is an outcome of months of craftsmanship reflected in astonishing designs.

This leisure living set of furniture comes with two sets of chair and three seater sofa with one low cube and square table. The cubical shape matches brilliantly with the environment and outdoor space. The seating can be arranged in so many ways as per the needs. This set of sofa comes with complementing sets of cushions in black color. The central table cube can be used to place drinks and beverages. The wicker used in making this Luxe Living furniture set is treated with UV resistant fabrication to protect it from harsh sunlight. The brand designs furniture that can withstand extreme climatic conditions of India. All sets of furniture brought to you by Alcanes come with reliable after sales service and trust of Alcanes.