The Perfect Crush

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The Perfect Crush
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A beautiful story starts with a great plot and this is what Alcanes promises to its uses. The brand surprises its users by exceeding its expectations of design. The brand uses the best quality material like Rehau from Germany. Wicker made of Rehau is of high quality. It is not just light weight but extremely sturdy. It can withstand extreme climatic conditions and is a perfect fit for Indian weather. All sets of furniture designed by Alcanes are coated with UV resistant fabric so that it keeps shining outdoor. The wicker is equally resistant to heat, water and spillage. Another salient feature of these sets of furniture is its ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The Perfect Crush draws inspiration from European style. This set of four seater sofa set including two chairs, one low seater and low rise central table in rectangular shape. There is an appealing cube which can be used to stretch your legs and to sit comfortably. The users can arrange these sets of furniture according to space requirement. It comes with five sets of plush cushioning. These cushions are made from best quality filling and offer unparalleled comfort to the users. The red color of the cushions match well with dark and black color of the furniture set. It can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Moving and rearranging these chairs and sofa set as per your convenience is easy thanks to light weight.