Vivid Life

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Vivid Life
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Alcanes celebrates the vividity of life in all its glory. The brand uses ultilmate designs to express its passion for creativity and excellence. Its outdoor range of furniture sets are made of wicker material sourced from countries like Germany and Indonesia. Rehau used as raw material in its wicker is sourced from Germany. It is known for its lasting quality and shine. Another feature of this material is its resistance to scratches, UV rays and extreme climatic conditions. It makes all furniture sets made using wicker material perfect fit for Indian homes and outdoor usage. Besides the furniture set, Alcanes also pays attention to accessories like cushions. Its cushions are washable and come with best quality filling to offer you comfort for years to come.

Vivid Life is a set of four seater sofa sets. It is inspired from nature and reflects its inspiration in earthy brown colored wicker material. Low seating of the chair and sofa highlights European style and the red color of the cushions is reflection of vibrant life. This sofa set comes with low rise leg rest table in square shape. It also offers a table in rectangular shape with red and yellow table top. Red and yellow colored cushions offer a grand symmetry of colors that match well with brown color of the furniture. This set comes with UV resistant fabrication to enhanced resistance to sunlight.