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Round Planter 010

Product Description

Round planters are a superb choice for landscaping your domestic or commercial settings. They offer a modish, elegant and contemporary look to any dull space. They are durable, light weight and practical to compliment any planting arrangement. You can place them anywhere, in garden, roof terrace or balcony to create a stunning look.
Our round planters are made using tried and tested mix that ensures that they keep looking like new and stylish for a long time. You can use them in areas where you want more vibrancy and focus. What make them more versatile are their sturdiness and the ability to serve a number of purposes. Use them without any hitch for any kind of plants, be it tall stalked plants or short plants with thick foliage.
When placed at entrance, our round planters would surely grab maximum attention. You can also use as space dividers if you want to utilize your space for many different purposes.