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Alcanes Day Beds HOLIDAY

Product Description

Want to make your holidays memorable at home?
Order an Alcanes Day Beds Holiday today!
Alcanes Day Beds Holiday is an exclusive day bed allowing you to get the feel and experience of vacations. Place it anywhere in your home. It would simply transform the look and feel of any dull area. It is a hot sexy day bed with attractive colorful plush cushions for desired comfort and luxury. It has a solid strong look and durable finish to ensure tough weather conditions.
Alcanes Day Beds Holiday is specially designed to make you feel relaxed and fresh. Place it along your poolside to get that beachside feeling. It is constructed with four poles at four corners to allow you place a hood to prevent direct rays of sunlight from reaching you. 
Add Alcanes Day Beds Holiday to your home collection if you want to spend a cherished vacation at home.