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Product Description

Introducing the Iluka Outdoor Furniture Collection - a marriage of modern aesthetics and functionality that transforms your outdoor space into a chic and versatile haven.

The Iluka Collection's sofa features a sturdy metal frame that exudes contemporary elegance. Its defining feature is the broad, flat rope meticulously woven around it, adding an intriguing textural element. This dynamic combination of metal and rope not only ensures durability but also makes a bold style statement.

The sofa comes with plush seat cushions for an inviting and comfortable seating experience. For those who love personalization, throw cushions can be added to infuse a burst of color and style.


Oval Center Table: The Iluka Collection's center table boasts a unique silhouette, sporting an oval look from its side. This table serves as the perfect platform for your outdoor gatherings, combining form and utility seamlessly.

Iluka Outdoor Furniture is a contemporary masterpiece that prioritizes both style and practicality. Redefine your outdoor living experience with this collection, where modern design meets versatile functionality, creating an inviting outdoor space that's both chic and functional.

What sets our Collections apart is their commitment to customization. The design and materials of this collection can be adapted to suit your individual style and preferences, offering a personalized outdoor dining experience that perfectly complements your outdoor aesthetic.